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Welcome to Highschoolplays.com and Eddiemcpherson.com.  You will find a play for every occasion and virtually every genre:  Comedies, dramas, melodramas, adapted classics and more.  We love receiving your input and if we can assist you in finding your next perfect script, please don’t hesitate to contact us through FACEBOOK.  Here’s to your next show – break a leg!
Hot off the Press

Dorothy's Secret: The Deleted Scene from The Wizard of Oz

A one-act parody of the classic film
Age Level: All Ages
Cast: 9F, 6M, 11 M or F, doubling possible, extras optional
Time: About 40 minutes, 1 act

In this "lost chapter" of the Oz story, Dorothy doesn't follow the Yellow Brick Road. When she gets sidetracked by a farmer who offers her a shortcut map to the Emerald City, Glinda the Good is furious. She wants to be a storybook star, but the story will be ruined if Dorothy doesn't meet her three friends to help her escape the witch's castle. It's a race against time as the power hungry Wicked Witch of the West fights against Glinda's dreams of fame, but Dorothy's stuck when the map mysteriously disappears. When it's recovered from the witch's traitorous assistant, Dorothy finds that it doesn't even lead to the Emerald City. Cameo appearances are made by Hansel and Gretel, Jack and Jill, a Munchkin TV reporter and Munchkin cameraman and more in this hilarious parody of fantasy characters. Great fun for a large cast.

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A Popular Mystery Comedy

How The Other Half Dies

First Performance Royalty: $55.00
Each Additional Performance: $55.00
Video Rights: $30.00
Type: Full Length Play
Genres: Comedy, Mystery
Time: 90 minutes
Speaking Cast: 7-10 females, 5
males, 4-12 either, 16-27 total cast
Flexibility: doubling possible, gender flexible

In a desperate attempt to become a member of Harriet Hammer’s posh country club, Sybil Chasteen invites Ms. Hammer to a formal dinner party on the same day that she discovers a dead body in the trunk of her new car. While Sybil waits impatiently for the authorities, the corpse, nicknamed Mr. X, sits propped up on her sofa as the list of murder suspects grows. The police, distracted by a few other cases, finally arrive only to find Sybil’s life spiraling recklessly out of control in this door-slamming, phone ringing, ridiculously fun murder-mystery parody that includes backstage rim shots, witty one-liners and a backyard wedding. Easy staging and flexible casting.

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I Got Your Next Christmas PLay

A Cricket County Blizzard

A winter wonderland winds up wacky
Age Level: All Ages
Cast: 7M, 7F
Time: About 45 minute

Of all the tasks on the Country Cousins' Christmas to-do list, becoming ice sculptures was definitely not one of them! It's dang near freezin' in the holler — colder'n y'all can shake a stick at. As the snow comes down, the anxiety levels go up. How in tarnation is Christmas supposed to happen when the "chillbillies" are snowbound? And what will happen to their traditional pageant? Glenda Mae's buck teeth are a-chatterin' — and is that frostbite or freckles on Brenda Mae's nose? Before Cricket County freezes over and icicles start to form on Fester's beloved axe, something must be done! Enter the City Cousins, who learn to trade their opportunistic ways for the joy of Christmas giving and a warmth that thaws even the most stubborn drifts! A humorous reminder that peace on earth might seem as though it comes with a price tag, but it is equally available and affordable to all.

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