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Welcome to Highschoolplays.com and Eddiemcpherson.com.  You will find a play for every occasion and virtually every genre:  Comedies, dramas, melodramas, adapted classics and more.  We love receiving your input and if we can assist you in finding your next perfect script, please don’t hesitate to contact us through FACEBOOK.  Here’s to your next show – break a leg!
Check out this popular musical!

My Darlin' Clementine

Performance Time: Approximately 90-120 minutes, 82 pgs
Cast: 9 M, 10 F, opt. extras (With doubling: 6 M, 7 F)

While searching for his runaway bride, Chester Ames stumbles upon the tiny desert town of Cactus Creek. In a town where marriage has been outlawed and even the mention of the “M-word” is punishable with five days in the county jail, Chester has his hands full avoiding the town’s love-starved damsels long enough to find his one true love, Clementine. To make matters worse, the town’s local outlaw, Jarvis Plume, has set his sights on taking over the town and forcing all the single ladies to take turns dating him. Chock full of puns, one-liners, hilarious characters, and popular American folksongs, this musical will have your audience laughing, singing, and tapping their toes!


Read a portion of the script free at www.bigdogplays.com




One of my bestselling plays

The Cow Tippers

Performance Time: Approximately 90 minutes, 74 pages
Speaking Cast: 7 m, 10 w, 1 flexible, extras

Mrs. Brown has moved to Hoke’s Bluff to study rural school life. She’s used to schools equipped with state-of-the-art computer labs and up-to-date technology. At Hoke’s Bluff, however, high tech is an intercom system consisting of an aluminum can with a piece of string attached. On the first day of school, the sheriff shows up looking for leads to cow-tipping pranks. Her study of “these people” may be more than she bargained for. But as relationships are built, Mrs. Brown not only teaches her students a few lessons, but she learns a few of her own. And when Clyde, the school janitor, has eyes for her, she also discovers that there’s more on these people’s minds than just cow tipping.

Read a portion of the script free at www.histage.com


Another Popular Show

Shoestring Theatre

Performance time:  Approximately 90 minutes, 72 pages
Speaking Cast: 6 m, 11 w, extras

Sanders is very upset. The budget for his opening extravagant retelling of “Cinderella” is being cut by eighty percent. To add insult to injury, Sanders learns the reason behind the cuts.It seems Mrs. Brakes, the executive director of the theatre, along with the president of the board of directors, have embezzled the "Cinderella" money to fund a nice long cruise in the Caribbean.

Sanders decides to take matters into his own hands. "If it's a low-budget show they want, it's a low-budget show they'll get!" He rounds up local yokels with no acting experience and casts them in the show. He uses cardboard boxes for the set, paper confetti and flashlights for special effects, and a child's wagon for the royal carriage in which Cinderella rides to the ball.  But his sweet revenge turns bitter quickly when Sanders learns that the trip planned was an appreciation surprise for him. Too late, the show has already opened. What a disaster ... that is until the reviews come in and the show is the hit of the season!

Read a portion of the script free at www.histage.com





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