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Welcome to Highschoolplays.com and Eddiemcpherson.com.  You will find a play for every occasion and virtually every genre:  Comedies, dramas, melodramas, adapted classics and more.  We love receiving your input and if we can assist you in finding your next perfect script, please don’t hesitate to contact us through FACEBOOK.  Here’s to your next show – break a leg!
Hot off the Press

Virgil Wins the Lottery

Types: Full Length Play, Community Theatre
Genres: Comedy, Farce
Running Time: 90 minutes
Speaking Cast: 9-13 females, 4-7 males, 13-20 total cast
Flexibility: doubling possible, gender flexible

Everyone dreams of striking it rich by winning the lottery except Virgil’s wife, Margaret. Margaret thinks it’s a waste of money until Virgil wins the $10,000 Lickskillit lottery. As soon as Margaret and Virgil get the news, Virgil quits his job, they join the posh (well, posh for Lickskillit) social club and overnight start living in high cotton. And then they get more news: They didn’t actually win the $10,000 lottery. Shamefully exposed, Margaret and Virgil start eatin’ crow and learn that life is good, with or without the winnings, and then they get the biggest surprise of all.

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A Popular Title

The Cow Tippers

7 m, 10 w, 1 flexible, extras
Script: 74 pages

Mrs. Brown has moved to Hoke's Bluff to study rural school life. She's used to schools equipped with state-of-the-art computer labs and up-to-date technology. At Hoke's Bluff, however, high tech is an intercom system consisting of an aluminum can with a piece of string attached. On the first day of school, the sheriff shows up looking for leads to cow-tipping pranks. Her study of "these people" may be more than she bargained for. But as relationships are built, Mrs. Brown not only teaches her students a few lessons, but she learns a few of her own. And when Clyde, the school janitor, has eyes for her, she also discovers that there's more on these people's minds than just cow tipping.

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One of my personal favorites

The Last Resort

Cast: 7 M, 11 F, opt. extras
Performance Time: Approximately 120 minutes

Grab yourself a can of Aqua Net hairspray! There’s a hot new beauty craze that’s driving the men of Lost Creek mad. It’s the beehive hairdo, and the higher the hair, the better. Dixie, a beauty shop owner and a master of beehives, has been inundated with customers who are desperate for high hair.
Eager to win the heart of Avis Crum—a 90-year-old womanizer who happens to be the only available bachelor in Lost Creek—Granny Rose and Wider Snipes decide to get themselves a beehive since “There ain’t nothin’ more sexy to a man than a woman with high air.”
Determined to become a beehive master herself, Linda Jean sets out to learn the art of the beehive by practicing on neighborhood scarecrows. In the meantime, a couple of city slickers arrive in Lost Creek looking to sign up organ donors. The hospitable folk of Lost Creek are more than willing to oblige. You see, they’ve been wanting to get rid of their organs for years in order to make way for the hottest “new” instrument to hit the region, the harmonica. This richly entertaining character-driven farce will charm audiences with its down-home humor and its eccentric and lovable cast of characters.

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