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Hot off the Press

Virgil Wins the Lottery

Types: Full Length Play, Community Theatre
Genres: Comedy, Farce
Running Time: 90 minutes
Speaking Cast: 9-13 females, 4-7 males, 13-20 total cast
Flexibility: doubling possible, gender flexible

Everyone dreams of striking it rich by winning the lottery except Virgil’s wife, Margaret. Margaret thinks it’s a waste of money until Virgil wins the $10,000 Lickskillit lottery. As soon as Margaret and Virgil get the news, Virgil quits his job, they join the posh (well, posh for Lickskillit) social club and overnight start living in high cotton. And then they get more news: They didn’t actually win the $10,000 lottery. Shamefully exposed, Margaret and Virgil start eatin’ crow and learn that life is good, with or without the winnings, and then they get the biggest surprise of all.

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Hot Off The Press


7 m, 10 w, 1 flexible, extras
Script: 74 pages

Not many folks know the TRUE story of how the beautiful, golden-haired Rapunzel ended up alone, locked in a tower …until now! You see, her parents promised their first-born child to a witch (who preferred to be called an enchantress). But little did the witch know that Rapunzel had an ugly twin sister Ethel. By stealing the witch’s glasses, the parents are able to switch babies. Years later, the witch discovers the truth, gets the now spoiled, self-centered Rapunzel back, and hides her in a tower with a solitary window at its top. Meanwhile the parents, along with the help of their neighbors, plan to free Rapunzel and get ugly Ethel so lost she’ll never find her way back home....

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Romeo And Juliet Out West





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