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Welcome to Highschoolplays.com and Eddiemcpherson.com.  You will find a play for every occasion and virtually every genre:  Comedies, dramas, melodramas, adapted classics and more.  We love receiving your input and if we can assist you in finding your next perfect script, please don’t hesitate to contact us through FACEBOOK.  Here’s to your next show – break a leg!
Great reading for the Holidays


Cast: : 6 M, 5 F, 1 flexible, opt. extras
Performance time: 90-100 minutes, 95 pgs

COMEDY. Ally is afraid to introduce her boyfriend, Kevin, to her parents. Even though Kevin is good looking, a law school graduate, and has a wonderful job, he has one major flaw and Ally is terrified to tell her parents what it is. After mistaking an elderly, married air-conditioner repairman and a redneck neighbor for Kevin, Ally’s parents finally get to meet her mysterious boyfriend and uncover the vile, ugly truth: Not only is Kevin not a fan of their beloved sports team, he roots for the rival team! Then when Kevin proposes to Ally, all heck breaks loose as more family secrets and even a family curse are revealed.

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Check out this play for your spring children's show


CAST:  Flexible cast of 15-23 (About 4M, 9F,
plus 10 roles that can be either), optional doubling
SET:  Simple interior and exterior sets
TIME:  About 40 minutes

TIME: About 40 minutes You'll find tons of silliness packed into this charming comedy that has a little something for everyone and even a nice moral. McQuadle is a dragon who wants to know his purpose in life, and he will go to almost any length to find it out — even if it means visiting an Evil Queen who lives in a castle on top of the hill. When he arrives, McQuadle learns that the Queen has lured him there for her own secret purposes, and she doesn't intend on letting him get back home at all. But McQuadle promised his mother he'd be home for dinner! Three storytellers with crazy personalities of their own lead the audience through this fun adventure that includes audience participation, laugh-out-loud silly jokes and sight gags. What's even better is it's a breeze to stage with minimal sets, simple costuming and very flexible casting....

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It's not too early to be thinking about your Easter play

Age Level: All Ages
Cast: 5M, 5F
Time: 30 minutes

It's a sunrise service in Cricket County, and the hillbilly Taylor clan is hosting it in their front yard! The bucolic pre-dawn darkness is interrupted by the arrival of their highbrow, opportunistic city cousins. They're forever after the coal mines and oil fields the Taylors inherited from their late Uncle Zeke, and this year is no exception for these money-grubbing kinfolk, as they surreptitiously search for a new "treasure" Grandma supposedly found. But when the sunrise service begins, thoughts quickly turn to the true meaning of Easter as everyone, including the city bunch, shares what the Resurrection means to them. When Grandma's treasure is revealed, greedy hearts soften. More homespun theology from these irresistible characters from the holler. Fun but appropriately reverent.

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