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Break A Leg  

Cast: 6 men, 8 women, 1 either male or female

breakALegTrudy is new to the theatre scene. She has been hired as stage manager for an upcoming play at a small professional theatre. The problem is Trudy is inept, clumsy and more than that, she’s a jinx. So, why doesn’t the director fire her? Because Trudy is the owner’s only niece. But when the cast discovers that Trudy is a modern day gremlin who is cursing the show they are rehearsing– they decide she must go once and for all.

Realizing throwing Trudy out isn’t an option, they resolve to de-hex her instead in order to make the theatre a safe haven once again. An old book of theatre superstitions is brought in and the reverse-the-curse shenanigans and laughs begin.

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