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The Real Housewives of Cricket County  


https://www.christianplaysandmusicals.com/imgGrab2.aspx?id=1000&cat=2The Real Housewives of Cricket County

A hillbilly comedy
By: Eddie McPherson

Age Level: All Ages
Cast: 6M, 7W, optional extras
Time: 40 to 45 minutes

Welcome to Cricket County – the land that cool forgot. With characters named Bodean and Chigger, what’s not to love? The gals think being a housewife is the highest callin’ there is. They’re happy with their cookin’, gardenin’, cleanin’ lifestyle, with neighbor-spyin’ and coon-huntin’ on the side – until “richer’n clabbered cream” Monica Northcutt crashes their quilting bee with her women’s rights spiel. Discontent brews faster’n a jar of sun tea, and suddenly cookin’ frog legs don’t look so appealing. Though the gals say if you offered their husbands a penny for their thoughts, you’d get back change, the good ol’ boys have the last word as they show their wives the true meaning of beauty: contentment! Fun side gags involving a scarecrow and “muscadine juice.” May be used as dinner theatre.

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